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  【古田一晴 8mm film】
74年狼少年牙王社結成メンバー。76年「ISSEI FURUTA FILM DAY」(エイリアン)。大須実験ギャラリーAMPオープン。77年「シネマルームT&Gグループ展」。78年「ISSEI FURUTA FILM SHOW」(AMP)。シネマルームT&G+究極美術研究所(FAIN)「LIFT UP ODESSY - 国際フィルム&ビデオ展」(AMP他)。79年「SOUND PERFORMANCE」(芸音)。81年「M・M・D計画」(ヤマハ)。82年「PERMANENT CHEESE ACT 1.2.」(ハックフィン)。83年「FREE IMPROVISATION」(名大祭)。「DETAIL.17. SOLOS」(ラッ シュライフ)。近年は8mm film 映像の制作を継続、ミュージシャンとのコラボレーション多数。

Issei Furuta: films.
He is one of the founder of "ohkami-shounen Gaou sha"(Wolf boys fang king company) in '74.
In '76 , [Issei Furuta film day] (alien). Experimental gallery (AMP) was opened in Oosu. Cinema room T&G + ultimate art laboratory (fair). [Lift up odyssey-international films and videos exhibition] (AMP etc).
In '79, [Sound performance] (Geion).
In '81, [Project M.M.D] (yamaha).
In '82, [Permanent cheese act 1.2] (Huck Finn).
In '83, [Free improvisation] (The festival of Nagoya University). [Detail.17.solos](rushlife).
Recently, he continues making 8mm films, and does a lot of collaborations with musicians.

最近のテーマは「間」人と人、罪と慈悲、何かと何か、あえて名前をあげないが 「間」にしか存在しないものがある。今年も対岸に向かって雛を流してみようと思う。(連日参加)

Shin Ando
We are cursed. For example, names, they bind thoroughly a personality and force to make the definition. The very difference between the dead and the dead bodies is whether you had had the name while you were alive. What will be left after everything would be gone? My recent theme is [space,] between two men, mercy and sin, and something and something. Purposely, I don't announce, but there is something which can be existed only between them. This year, again I shall float the princess paper-doll toward the shore on the opposite side.

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