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itoh kazuhito trio

【イトウカズヒト violin】
1980年頃より動き始める。 東京キッド・アイラック・ホール「オールナイトセッション」に阿部薫、近藤等則、灰野敬二など出演に参加。1982年岐阜にて柳川芳命(alto sax)とデュオ「展」.....これが私の原点である。1982〜3年バンド「宙耳宴」で HUCK FINN にて活動。1986年岐阜にて「音開」高木元輝、竹内梓、柳川芳命。1987年「ニルヴァニド」吉沢元治、竹田賢一、岡崎豊廣、水上旬、他と参加。1991年渋谷ジアンジアンで柳川芳命の「地と図」にゲスト出演.....等々。

【杉山和こ 舞踏】

【鶴田哲也 sax、三線、etc】

Kazuhito Ito : Violin.
Started his activity since around '80s. He joined and performed at [All night session] in Tokyo kid Ilac hall with Kaoru Abe, Toshinori Kondoh, Keiji Haino, and others.
His root was the exhibition called [Ten] with "Yoshinori Yanagawa"(altosaxophone) in Gifu prefecture in '82. He showed up and performed in the concert [Easy going free impeovisation] that was presided by "Shichimi tougarashi"(chilli peppers) with "Toshinori Kondoh, Paul Robenth, Paul Ritten. He played [sound, dance] with "Akira Hino" (from Osaka), and "Michihiro Morisada". He played in the band "Chuujien" 1982~1983 at [Huck Finn]
In 1986, he performed [Onkai] with "Mototeru Takagi", "Azusa Takeuchi", "Yoshimei Yanagawa" in Gifu prefecture. He participated in [Nirvado] with "Motoharu Yoshizawa", "Kenichi Takeda", "Toyohiro Okazaki", "Shun Mizukami", and others.
He appeared as a guest for "Yoshimei Yanagawa"s project [texture and figure] at [Jian jian] in Shibuya, 1999, and so on. Also he performed with "Issei Furuta"(film maker), "Seiji Shimoda"(dancer), "Peter Golightly"(dancer), and others.

Tetsuya Turuta : Sax, Shamisen(Japanese traditional musical instruments with three strings), and so on.
Born in '62. His part in Waseda University high-school was alto and baritone sax. At the fourth grade, he was chosen as one of all the star players in six prestigious private universities. After graduating from the university, he formed the funk band "Rhythm people" with being as a businessman. Until the end of '90s, he was preoccupied with free/avant-garde, and did a lot of jam sessions.

Kazuko Sugiyama
: Butoh-dancing.
One spring day of the mid '90s, in Tokyo, she started dancing at the workshop [The stone of the moon] (Tsuki no ishi/leader: Kei Takei) with people with and without handicaps. Around the same period, she saw [Suiren(lotus)] by Kazuo Ohno at the [theater Fonte] in Yokohama. Immediately she started going to Ohno Kazuo Butoh laboratory school in the next town of her hometown. A few years later, she moved to Nagoya from Yokohama, started learning Japanese Butoh(Nihon Buyou; traditional Japanese dancing), of Nishikawa method. The Butoh that she did so far;[Mizu no hana (The flower of water) at the theater ](Kuronekokosshi) in Yokohama ST spot, [Gahneshia] [Tepureshikohru] in Nakano.

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