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  【成田護 : hand made instrument,per,etc】
1968年 青森県弘前市うまれ。
1985年 油絵をはじめる。詩とイラストの同人誌「劣等感」を友人達と発行。
1987年 作詞、作曲、歌をはじめる
1988年 ロックバンド「鬼イタコ」結成。デビュー曲は「落武者」アートパフォーマンスも開始。
1993年 舞踏をはじめる。
1994年 郷土の「ねぷた」を原風景とする、光と闇の躍り「死踏・悪胤」初演。 現在も継続。 新宿での路上パフォーマンスもこの頃、積極的に開始。
1995年 ロックデュオ「悪胤」結成。97年までliveイベント"kill my soul vol 1~vol 8"を企画。97年「悪胤」解散。
1997年 「死踏・悪胤」ハンガリーとポーランド公演
2002年 Soundance 「有機交流電気舞踏」上演

Mamoru Narita : hand made instrument,per,etc
1968: Born in Hirosaki-city in Aomori prefecture.
1985: Started oil painting. Also started publishing private poems and illustrations magazine [Rettoukan(inferiority complex)] with his friends.
1987: Started composing, writing lyrics, singing.
1988: Formed the band "Oni-itako", debut song was [Ochimusha](runaway warrior), also started art performances.
1993: Started Butoh-dancing.
1994: The first Butoh-dancing performance of [Shitou-Akuin](Dance macabre-Malignant heritage) was held. It's concept was the root scene of his hometown[Neputa](the name of the festival), and still continues performing. He also started enthusiastically the live performance on the street in Shinjyuku.
1995: He formed the rock duo "Akuin"(Bad heritage). Until 1997, he was in charge of the live event [killing my soul Vo.1~Vo.8]. In '97, quit the activity of [Akuin].
1997: [Shitou-Akuin] was performed in Hungary and Poland.
2002: Soundance [Organic alternating electrical butoh] was performed.
He has still a lot of activities such as painting, music, singing, Butoh-dancing, and solo performance on the street. He produces the space that integrates music and Butoh-dancing.
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