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  【kakera mixer】
1994年頃より活動開始。「存在(ウジュード)の無秩序な置換と捨象」と規定されるその衝動と行為は、現象界に於いては名状できえない「絶対無限定のわたし」というイスラーム的背反より萌芽する。そしてそれは本来の機能をおおきく逸脱したミキサー群を経過する事で音響を獲得しつつ現前する。アンタイ・ミキサーに対する偏愛は年々深化の一途を辿り、現在は不確定性オート・ループ・ミキサーを自作中。 ノイズ・イベント「 WIRING ORGY 」スタッフ。本フェスティバルへの参加は3度目となるが、自発的に煙に巻かれた日もあった。

KAKERA: mixer
Since around 1994, he started his activities. His abstractive impulse and performance which are defined as deconstructive replacement and abstraction of the existence (Ugyudoh). These are sprouted from Islamic subversion. That is described [absolute infinite ido(himself)]. And it proceeds with his mixers. Those are highly distracting and passing through the fundamental function. And they obtain his abstractive notes. His biased love toward anti-mixer is getting deeper and deeper year after year. He is constructing indefinite auto-loop-mixer. He is the staff of the noise event"Wiring orgy". This is his third participation for this festival. He had been voluntarily surrounded by smoke that was emitted by him and fainted on one day at the previous festival.
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