Paul Hood Paul Hood / GP3 (record player), amplified objects, mixer
10.2 thu.,10.4 sat.

1963年ロンドン生まれ。ロンドン在住のポール・フッドは数多くのポストパンク/ロック・バンドと共に活動し、1970年代後半から現在にかけて、スペインからウクライナまで広く旅をしてきた。90年代初期に、ギターペダルを通したヴィンテージのレコード・プレーヤーと出会う。その後、ソロとしてレコードで前衛的な実験を続け、パフォーマーやインプロバイザーとのコラボレートを現在まで行ってきている。 現在、PaulはロンドンResonance 104.4 FM. <>において、日本の音楽を紹介する定期的なラジオ番組である'Onkyodo'のプロデューサーをつとめている。

Born London 1963
Londoner Paul Hood worked with numerous post-punk/rock bands from the late 1970’s onwards, travelling widely, from Spain to Ukraine.

The early 90’s saw Paul’s vintage record players going thru guitar pedals. Paul has continued his avant-garde vinyl experiments as a solo and collaborating performer and improviser to the present.

In 1998 ‘Instant Music Meeting’ (IMM) club was founded with the intention of bringing improvised and experimental music to new audiences. This club has promoted over 90 concerts and is still a regular feature of London’s creative music scene.

In 1999 ‘Dai Kyodo’ multi-media group was formed around Kyoto-based Butoh dancer Ken Mai. This project continued in 2001 with ‘Shin Kyodo’ which toured uk with K.Mai, Phil Durrant, Scopac [video artist] + guest Toshimaru Nakamura.

2001: Curator of ‘nominoichi de mitsuketa recordo’ an expo of graphic design for Japanese 45rpm record sleeves of the 50s/60s/ + 1970s. Exhibition at Spitz Gallery, London + Mariners Gallery, St.Ives, Cornwall.

2002 : IMM's Dialogue concert series begins.IMM presented some of Japan’s most innovative sound and performance artists in collaboration with colleagues from the UK and Berlin. The concert series featured : Ami Yoshida, Sachiko M Tamio Shiraishi,Michiko X, Thomas Ankersmit, Shigeto Wada, Toshimaru Nakamura, Steve Beresford, Ken Mai(butoh) Utah Kawasaki, BusRatch, Masayoshi Urabe, Chie Mukai, Charles Hayward, Paul Hood.

2002 : Participated in the innovative CMN UK tour "Turntable Hell" curated by Martin Tetreault from Quebec. Tour of Japan - 9 concerts in Autumn 2002. Paul is producer of the regular Japanese music radio program 'Onkyodo' on Resonance 104.4 FM. <>

Paul has collaborated with Tetuzi Akiyama, BusRatch, Taku Sugimoto, John Edwards, Yoshio Machida, Ami Yoshida, Charles Hayward, Lol Coxhill, Pat Thomas, Steve Beresford, Toshimaru Nakamura, Phil Durrant, Adam + Jonathan Bohman, Curtain of Cards, Lepke B, Tom Chant, Low Resistance Group (with Joel Stern + Anthony †Guerra), Sharon Gal, Martin Klapper, Mattin, Hugh Davies, Richard Sanderson, Moshi Honen, Nish, Kev Hopper, Lyndsey Cockwell, Akira Toyonaga . . . a.o.

Solo cd on 2000+ released soon.
cd with 'Low Resistance group' out soon on PARA disc.


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