Lethe / dryice, steelplate, candle,
10.1 wed.

00年、CD "Lethe/Sleep Digest"(pd-05) 。01年、フランスのサウンド・アーティストToy.Bizarreとのコラボレーション作品 "kdi dctb 115a/000731" をアナログ7inch。03年、シカゴの Locust Media より "Catastrophe Point no.3 "を発表。

First, it was a duo group, but now kiyoharu kuwayama's own project of his recorded materials. And the collaboration unit only at the live performance.
Released materials
In 2000 Lethe/Sleep Digest (pd-05)
In 2001 Kdi dctb 115a/000731analog 7inch record with French sound artist Toy Bizzare
In 2003 Lethe / Catastrophe Point no.3 (Locust 25 , Chicago)


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Lethe.Voice Festival
Lethe.Voice Festival